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Welcome to home.climatejustice.global. This is the home for a lot of social media sites for climate justice activist groups and individual activists.

Photo: FridaysForFuture Vienna

What are ClimateJusice.global and ClimateJustice.social?

Those are social media instances for the climate justice movement. Other than most known social media platforms they are free software, without ads and moderated strictly so they are free of hate speech and conspiracy theories. On ClimateJustice.global and ClimateJustice.social you can stay in touch with activists and activist groups all over the world, but also with other people and groups. Technically they are Mastodon instances and part of the Fediverse.

What is Mastodon?

Mastodon is decentral social media. There are multiple Mastodon instances that all behave as separate Social Media platforms, that are at the same time interconnected to build a large network. You can find out more about Mastodon here.

What is the Fediverse?

The Fediverse (federated universe) is to Mastodon what Mastodon is to one instance. Meaning the Fediverse is an even larger social media platform existing besides Mastodon instances of instances of e.g. Pixelfed, which feels like Instagram and Peertube, which emulates Youtube. Mastodon itself looks and feels like Twitter. More on the Fediverse can be found under the same link as above.

How do I register?

If you represent an activist group, register at https://climatejustice.global by sending an email to paulatothepeople@riseup.net. If you are an individual or anything else but an activist group you can simply register at https://climatejustice.social.

What other Climate Justice instances are there besides Mastodon?

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